Things started to change when Leon met Stan

Stan was the encapsulation of the multitude of detested characteristics of young fellows: open, cordial, true and putting stock in the strength of others. Leon detested Stan for these characteristics and straightforwardly addressed him about it. “I can’t stand discourteous, thoughtless and excessively well-disposed individuals like you!” At least a couple of times or two times Stan heard this expression. Indeed, even the main gathering of Stan and Leon was a duel. Leon was solidly certain about how he might interpret the world, and in this manner handily crushed Stan, who was all the while searching for his own way.

Leon visited numerous urban areas watched many individuals

Partook in numerous occasions, and progressively started to uncertainty. Question your convictions and perspectives on the world. Leon perceived how the occupants of Calvales assembled in bunches to get by. I perceived how Dalis, driven by adoration, attempted energetically to safeguard Mari and individuals of Fandaria. I perceived how Stan put his own life in danger to safeguard his closest companion – Leon. From colleagues, the young fellow got what he never got from his dad and individuals around him – love, care and regard. Stan and his companions valued Leon for his serenity, levelheadedness, expertise, judiciousness and huge heart. Albeit the young fellow didn’t just let it out, toward the finish of the excursion, Leon had changed.

He started to open up to his friends, started to convey quiet with customary gatekeepers and occupants, stretched out some assistance to those out of luck. What’s more, apparently, Leon was hanging tight for a great completion. The young fellow got acknowledgment, tracked down evident companions and got back to Marian. The world that appeared to be dark and dead to Leon recaptured its tones and started to stream with life. In any case, the dimness of the past isn’t so natural to dispose of, and Leon was helped to remember this by his dad.

Miktran has wrapped up setting up the ground for the execution of his arrangement

There was the last and vital thing – “Eye of Atamoni”. Just a talented champion near the regal court can get it. An individual whose feelings are not difficult to play with. A pawn that can be effectively controlled. The decision fell on Leon. Miktran and his partners took Marian prisoner and constrained Leon to take Draconis and the Eye. The young fellow, who as of late found the universe of sentiments and feelings, ended up in a circumstance where brilliant and turbulent feelings in a real sense overpowered his heart. Leon deterred himself from feelings for quite a while, and hence didn’t have any idea how to control them.

The once quiet and sensible young fellow fell into profound obviousness and shut himself off from presence of mind and Challier, who let Leon know that he ought to ask Stan and the others for help. The young fellow at last separated when he looked into Marian’s endeavor to lay hands on himself. Totally crushed and accommodating, Leon wound up helpless before Miktran. In this express, the young fellow went to his last fight. Fight with Stan. The narrative of Leon came out truly awful. We watched a decent man in terrible conditions. The oppressive and poisonous climate enormously impacted the young fellow. During the time spent growing up, Emilio didn’t simply change his name, he attempted to dispose of the individual of the mindful and laid-back Emilio and put on the cover of the cold and savage Leon.